ATPower arbetar med konsulterande och utredande verksamhet inom elkraftområdet.

Vi har lång och gedigen erfarenhet av störningsutredningar och mätningar i elsystem.

Vi arbetar även med magnetfält och andra miljörelaterade problem samt utbildning och utveckling av personal inom el och energiområdet.

Avhandlingar och publicerade artiklar av Anna Tjäder

Download fileThesis for the degree of licentiate of engeenering

This thesis investigates power system transients. Voltage and current transients occur in the power system at all voltage levels and they can be caused by lightning somewhere in the system, by switching actions or by faults…

Download fileAnalysis of Voltage Transients In a Medium Voltage System

Power system transients can be caused by lightning, switching actions and faults in the power system. The transients can reach
high magnitudes and depending on raise time, peak value, wave shape and frequency of occurrence the impact on power system
components and end user equipment can be severe..

Download filePower Quality and Transients, Appearance in Swedish industry; Evaluation of Questionnaire

During the spring of 2000 a questionnaire was sent out to about 100 Swedish industrial companies within different lines of business. The questions concerned the electrical system, the power consumption and power quality with emphasis on high frequency disturbances…

Download fileTransients due to Load Energizing in Low Voltage Systems

Measurements and simulations have been performed in low voltage networks to analyze switching transients from switched power supplies. The measurements have been taken in two different networks, one laboratory network with practically no other load present and one office network with many computers connected…